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BodyRock Makes Dreams Come True

I’m gunna tell you an I swear to god it’s true story and not an it’s kind of true but since I’m on the internet and no one will know for sure I’m going to exaggerate story.

I’m a celebrity gossip readin’ gal, and one day, I wanna say a little over a year ago, I saw a pic of the Kardashians walking, and Kylie was wearing a BodyRock sports bra: bright pink with flowers, a gold zipper down the front and shiny crystals around the neckline under a loose white tank. I instantly fell in love. Bible. I immediately looked it up: The Sophie bra. I drooled a bit, and went about my very important life.

Over that year, somewhere along the way I received a BodyRock sports bra to review for some article somewhere floating out there on the internet. When the package arrived I was STOKED to see a gorgeous turquoise and white sports bra with a deep V that made my cleavage stop traffic. I love it, and still wear it, but felt a little pang of sadness that it was not my darling Sophie.

Flash forward to an article assignment from FitDay about fashionable workout clothing, and Sophie was first on my list. I emailed, crossed my fingers and my prayers were answered.

Come on- even the packaging is cute

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