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Kelly Turner Fitness Approved

Kelly Turner Fitness approved is an inside joke with my boyfriend. If I eat anything bad he will jump up and point and yell “That’s not Kelly Turner Fitness Approved!!” So I’m going with it.

Part of my job is to play product guinea pig. I can’t, in good faith, tell you something is The Shit, if it’s a piece of shit, no? So, when I get assigned articles about the greatest gear for XYZ, I gotta try it for myself. And every once in a while, I get some amazing things I can’t not rave about. So, eat it, Julie Andrews, here are a few of MY favorite things:

First off: Passport to Prana 

I didn’t get this to review, but wrote it up and would totally spend my own money on it. Not only is it an awesome value ($30 is close to the drop in for ONE class) for the attention span challenged like myself, you can try a variety of instructors, studios, styles and atmospheres. I’m serious, someone local do this with me. Also a great gift idea.

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BodyRock Makes Dreams Come True

I’m gunna tell you an I swear to god it’s true story and not an it’s kind of true but since I’m on the internet and no one will know for sure I’m going to exaggerate story.

I’m a celebrity gossip readin’ gal, and one day, I wanna say a little over a year ago, I saw a pic of the Kardashians walking, and Kylie was wearing a BodyRock sports bra: bright pink with flowers, a gold zipper down the front and shiny crystals around the neckline under a loose white tank. I instantly fell in love. Bible. I immediately looked it up: The Sophie bra. I drooled a bit, and went about my very important life.

Over that year, somewhere along the way I received a BodyRock sports bra to review for some article somewhere floating out there on the internet. When the package arrived I was STOKED to see a gorgeous turquoise and white sports bra with a deep V that made my cleavage stop traffic. I love it, and still wear it, but felt a little pang of sadness that it was not my darling Sophie.

Flash forward to an article assignment from FitDay about fashionable workout clothing, and Sophie was first on my list. I emailed, crossed my fingers and my prayers were answered.

Come on- even the packaging is cute

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I’m Lazy and Cheap, but with Gaiam, Still Fashionable

Everyone lives in workout clothes nowadays, even if they haven’t stepped foot in a gym. Workout clothes are getting more and more fashionable so women can wear them all day long and not be accused of being homeless. Sweatpants are somehow acceptable if they are stretchy and called yoga pants, and the boyfriend’s old, tattered t-shirts have now been replaced by adorable sports bras and skin baring tanks.

Fine by me: I rarely get dressed. I wake up and immediately start working. Then, I’ll throw on some gym clothes, workout, and go back to working. You wouldn’t believe some of the ridiculous half pajama/half gym outfits I come up with- and dare to leave the house in. When you work from home- yoga pants is dressing UP for the day.

I find people cut me some slack when they find out I’m a fitness writer. You must work out CONSTANTLY, they say. Yoga pants are like your WORK UNIFORM, they joke. It’s motivational you wear workout clothes all the time, they gush. If only they knew it just happens to be the outfit I fell asleep in the night before. BUT- if the clothes are cute, bright and well put together, you’re stylish, not lazy.

Gaiam gets that. I love Gaiam. Gaiam is the O.G. of fitness. There is something sweet, ethereal and calming about Gaiam. Eco-friendly, sophisticated- I feel calmer and lighter just talking about them. That’s why I featured them in an upcoming article on about gym to street style. Why not save money, and be presentable at all times, by buying clothes that can fit easily into your workout wardrobe AND your regular wardrobe?

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Spin, Strut, Spin, Pose: Lululemon Does it Again

If you even just say the word Lululemon around me I will sigh and stare off into the distance, clutch my credit card to my chest and swoon about hoodies and yoga pants. Lululemon is the premier women’s workout company, making workout clothes you drool over just as obsessively as your designer duds. I’m guilty, I’m obsessed and it’s for good reason. I feel confident when I wear Lulu- I throw open those gym doors like they are releasing doves and strut to the free weight room like it’s a catwalk. No one else notices I’m sure, but I feel damn good and ready to do work. I also feel like it’s a nice little balance to throw weights around while wearing girlie pastels.

But if you think Lululemon is just for those who love running and yoga, think again. Cyclists and spinning enthusiasts can now look just as fierce with Lululemon’s Presta Spin collection. Presta brings the beautiful designs and quality products you expect from your Lulu out of the studio and onto the open road.

Let’s admit it: cycling clothes aren’t the cutest. Now, you can wear your padded riding shorts and cycling jersey while you are riding, and not need to change the second you arrive to your destination out of embarrassment and fear of ridicule (too harsh? Come on, they are hideous.) Let’s see what Lululemon has come up with for you women who prefer to give ‘em hell on wheels:

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Wanna See My Whooha?

Why do you run?

I’m fairly new to running. I’ve always considered myself a gym rat: give me weights, the heavier the better. I think I’m drawn to how quickly you can see results, and the crank them out and drop ‘em speed.

Running was never an exciting thing to me. I’ve always been one of those people that wished I enjoyed running, but I didn’t so I didn’t do it. But then one day I did do it, and I liked it and I kept going. Sorry I can’t give you any better advice than to give it a try than that. There was no Forest Gump shaking off his braces moment, I just went one day cause I felt like it, and I haven’t stopped feeling liking it.

Whooha is kindly helping me out with an article I’m working on for, and they sent me their I Run for Myself t-shirt. This is probably the first time something about running has resonated with me.

Some of the reasons that stood out:

Because my friends makes me, or, in my case, boyfriend, who insisted on many occasions that he “teach” me, but promptly left me in the dust. I could only keep up the one time he was in full army gear. That didn’t last long. It was his failed attempt at training for an upcoming ruck march, but soon discovered it’s a terrible way to spend a weekend. I kept up with him the first block or so, though, and was pretty proud.

To be a role model. I don’t consider myself a role model to anyone in the slightest, but because of my job, people are usually curious about my own exercise regimen. People have a weird expectation of me when they find out I’m a fitness writer. Like I should be in the Olympics or something. I am often asked if I run, and until recently my answer would be “Blech, no.” I probably shouldn’t express disdain for something I know to be one of the best things you can do for your body, but, hey, I wasn’t a big fan.

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Attune Foods Cereals: Funny Names, Serious Nutrition

Growing up, my sister and I weren’t allowed to have cereal. Wile you may be applauding my mother for keeping us away from sugary, processed junk, it was more because she was a single mom and was pissed every time she dropped $5 on a box of cereal that never lasted to see the next morning.

Because of this, I suppose, cereal doesn’t rank high on my list of breakfast choices- there are always more nutritious/interesting things to eat, and I usually prefer hot food in the morning, but when Attune Foods asked me to review their cereals, after looking at the nutrition profile, I couldn’t say no.

Attune believes “If what you eat is good, and pure, and true to its source, all else will follow.” THANK YOU. I’ve been saying that for years.

Uncle Sam Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes and Flaxseed

Using a recipe that’s over 100 years old, Uncle Sam cereal may look like cocoa puffs, but it is made of only red winter wheat berries. They roll them, toast them, and then flatten them, then add flax seed. That’s it.

Each serving (3/4 cup of cup) has:

  •  190 calories
  • 10 grams of fiber (40 percent of your DV)
  • 7 grams of protein
  • Less than one gram of sugar

It used to bear the title of “Natural Laxative Cereal” until recently, one could only imagine because of the mental image it conjures up so close to the earliest and most important meal of the day.

The name Uncle Sam comes from the creator, Lafayette Coltrin’s side profile silhouette, which bore the resemblance to the George Washington. I would like to comment on the validity of this statement but the actual silhouette appears no where on the box.

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