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Indomitable Soles Set Sights Higher Than Just Finishing the Washington Ragnar Adventure Relay

Oh, you thought you were cool cause you got a little muddy during a Warrior race?

If you really think you’re a road warrior, try devoting 2 whole days to running 190 miles, and sleeping in your van, not because they’re homeless after spending all their money on Lulu, but so they don’t miss a step of the race  Now that’s an athlete.

I’m excited to announce the ultimate race of all races, the Ragnar Relay is coming to Seattle!

In case you are unaware, Ragnar Relay is an adventure race, and the next big stop for the series is in home sweet home Washington State. The 190 mile overnight team relay race starts in Blaine, WA on Friday, July 20, and then winds along the coast, crosses  over Deception Pass and onto the coast of Whidbey Island, finally ending  in Langley on Saturday, July 21. All 5 years, the Ragnar Northwest Passage race, Good old Washington’s leg, always draws a big crowd. This year, race organizers anticipate more than 4,000 runners making up some 388 teams.

This. Is. Awesome. What’s better than gathering a van full of your crazy friends and take turns running through the entire state? When one gets tired, needs a beer, or has to check Facebook, you trade off.Teams contain the young and old, the avid athlete and beginner runner, and everything in between. For some, this is just a race, but for others the Ragnar Relay means so much more.

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Just Do the Next Right Thing

The greatest piece of advice I ever got was to just do the next right thing.

It works for anything. It works if you are trying to quit something. It works if you are trying to adopt something new. It works to motivate without shaming, and encourage without guilt.

So you had a piece of cake. That sucks because you are trying to lose weight. Welp, you can’t take it back, so what now? Do you continue to eat like shit and “start tomorrow?” No, you make the next right decision. Maybe that’s a few more minutes of cardio, or maybe it’s sticking to grilled fish and veggies for your next meal. Maybe for you, and your personal issues with food, it’s not skipping your next meal to “make up for it.” Just do the next right thing.

Maybe you want to build a workout habit. You wanted to wake up early and go to the gym, but you hit snooze too many times. No shame in that- I’m infamous for it. You’ll go tomorrow? Nope, just do the next right thing. Get up and workout in your home. Go to the gym after work. Just make the next decision the right one.

No guilt, just start fresh. No beating yourself up, just empowerment to take back control and continue on. Just do the next right thing.




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