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F*ck You, Cancer

This is so sad. Robert Kennedy passed away after losing his battle with lung cancer.

I cried a little writing about it this morning: Fitness Icon Robert Kennedy Loses Battle with Lung Cancer.

If you are unfamiliar, Kennedy was the husband of Tosca Reno, Eat Clean diet guru, and the publisher of Oxygen Magazine, my BIBLE, and in my opinion (the only one that matters) the best fitness resource for women. Oxygen was the first magazine I found with workouts for women that used weights higher than a fuzzy, pink 3 pound dumbbell and wasn’t based around losing weight, but getting strong, fit and challenging yourself.

Cancer is a sonofabitch and it’s scary to think that it can strike any family, any time. I personally know how tough it is to sit and watch a family member pass away in front of your eyes. My mother passed away in 2010 due to complications with alcoholism and cancer is currently effecting the lives of two people very close to me, in two separate situations. To think that whether you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle despite doctor warnings and family pleadings, or you devote your life and career to health and fitness and the health of others, the outcome can still be the same. I guess all you can do is eliminate as many risk factors as possible and hope for the best.

My condolences to Bob’s family, especially Tosca, who I have had the pleasure of working with personally on a few occasions. My heart also goes out to any one, anywhere who is or has been touched by cancer.


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