How Do You Get Fit Like the Seahawks? (And Giveaway!)

Obesity rates in my lovely state of Washington have almost doubled in the past 15 years. 11.1 percent of children and adolescents in Washington are considered obese. Why? Because our children eat crap and they don’t move enough. Simple as that.

Local SUBWAY restaurants are working hard to make feeding your child healthy options a little easier and in addition to their healthier, lighter offerings are taking it a step further. SUBWAY is teaming up with my future ex-husbands The Seahawks to tackle (ha!) childhood obesity with a fun contest that rewards students for eating healthy and staying active. Through Oct. 1, all students are invited to share how they “Get Fit Like the Seahawks“.

“We are excited to broaden our partnership with SUBWAY restaurants through the FRESH FIT Video and Poster Competition,” said Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin. “We want students to share their success stories and how leading an active lifestyle helps them to succeed.”

Just like the Seahawks (Go Hawks!), all athletes have to work hard to keep their body in tip-top condition. The Hawks want to see how students stay in shape. Public, private and homeschooled students ages 5 to 14 are invited to share their own fitness game plan, through a poster or video, for an entry in to the SUBWAY FRESH FIT Video and Poster Competition. Contest entries will then be judged by a local panel (which includes me!) Every entry gets a $5 gift card to SUBWAY, and a select few stand out entries will be selected for some sweet swag:

Two grand prize winners will receive a $1,000 fitness grant for their school or educational institution, a $500 SUBWAY Card, an autographed Seahawks football, and two tickets to an upcoming home game. (I can pass for 14, right?)

Three honorable mention winners will receive a $100 SUBWAY card and two tickets to an upcoming home game. (I draw like a 14 year old, they’d never know…)

Blitz the beloved Seahawks mascot and the Sea Gals kicked off the contest with appearances at local schools, encouraging students to participate in the contest and get up and get active. I recently attended one of the kickoff events at the Seattle Boys and Girls club. Tons of kids filled the auditorium to meet Blitz, Sea Gals Tamaria and Geraldine and local SUBWAY board member Matt Hollek. The Sea Gals led the kids through their touchdown dance, complete with dance off. Immediately afterward, the sweaty excited mini-athletes were given Subway footballs that were put to good use on the playground.

As I was watching and clapping along, one sweaty, red-faced and confident young man happily turned to his friend and boasted, “I’m used to this cause I can run so fast.” The younger generation bragging about fitness- see, it’s working already.

More information about the SUBWAY FRESH FIT Contest and entry forms are available at participating SUBWAY restaurants throughout Seattle-Tacoma.

Encourage your children to get involved and submit a video or poster. Then when they win, steal the tickets and have a fantastic time. The health lesson is what’s really important, right?

To help everyone eat healthier and to encourage us all to move a little more, SUBWAY has given me 10 $5 SUBWAY gift cards to give out to 10 lucky readers. To enter, leave a comment below letting us know how YOU get fit like the Seahawks!

Contest ends October 1st. Winners will be chosen randomly and contacted via email

10 thoughts on “How Do You Get Fit Like the Seahawks? (And Giveaway!)

  1. Georgiana says:

    I stay healthy and fit by taking a daily walk and attending yoga classes 3x a week!

  2. Renata says:

    I stay away from sugary drinks and hydrate with pure water and eat a healthy diet full of lots of fruits and veggies and protein! Also take a daily walk too!

  3. Laurie King says:

    I get fit my walking daily and hula hooping!

  4. Andrea L says:

    I stay healthy by drinking only water and 100% cran/rasp juice (cran juice is good for UTIs). No alcohol!

  5. debern says:

    Luckily I love fitness but I could improve in the snacking area as most kids could as well. It was tough but last year, I stopped buying snack foods (animal crackers were my fave!) and replaced them with cut up fruits and veggies (prepped and waiting in the frig is key!) and I’ve stuck with it. I save money and drink only filtered water too. Snacking is so hard for kids to clean up but adults have to be an example and help them form good habits. You eat what you buy at the store, so I just don’t buy the snacks in the first place, and avoid the temptation. It’s now a healthy habit to snack guilt-free–yay!

  6. Raymond says:

    I stay healthy and fit by walking at least 3 miles a day around my neighborhood and also lift weights at the gym!

  7. Tone It Up workouts are awesome and so is this giveaway!

  8. EverdayLivingPNW says:

    That sounds like a great way to influence a younger generation to choose a healthy lifestyle!

  9. Amy Z. says:

    I bike and walk regularly!

  10. Andrea L says:

    so does this mean we are all winners? :)

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