Kelly Turner Fitness Approved

Kelly Turner Fitness approved is an inside joke with my boyfriend. If I eat anything bad he will jump up and point and yell “That’s not Kelly Turner Fitness Approved!!” So I’m going with it.

Part of my job is to play product guinea pig. I can’t, in good faith, tell you something is The Shit, if it’s a piece of shit, no? So, when I get assigned articles about the greatest gear for XYZ, I gotta try it for myself. And every once in a while, I get some amazing things I can’t not rave about. So, eat it, Julie Andrews, here are a few of MY favorite things:

First off: Passport to Prana 

I didn’t get this to review, but wrote it up and would totally spend my own money on it. Not only is it an awesome value ($30 is close to the drop in for ONE class) for the attention span challenged like myself, you can try a variety of instructors, studios, styles and atmospheres. I’m serious, someone local do this with me. Also a great gift idea.

Objex Sports Bras

Girls have been stashing valuables in their bras for years, but usually it’s at nightclubs when they don’t want to carry a purse. I recently got to try a sports bra from Objex for an article on I have already decided to title “Securing Your Load” about handy gear that can comfortably hold your running necessities. There are pockets in all workout clothes nowadays- what’s the big deal? Pockets in anything other than your bra are almost completely inaccessible midstride. The pocket is big enough to actually hold my phone, and hold it securely in place without smashing it to my chest. I do not have ample chestage, so I’m sure it’s even more uncomfortable for those that do. I actually forgot it was there on my run until my Nike app reminded me how awesome I am. (Nike+ running app. Free. Download it. Best running app ever.)

I easily fit my phone, house key and car lock beeper thing on a run, and totally forgot they were there.

It even passed the inversion test:

Wow, I really need to work on my neutral cervical spine. No bueno.

Dry Dudz

Dry Dudz makes clothes for wet sports that dry in record time. I received a cute little bikini and board shorts to review for but since I live in Seattle and water sports are pretty much out of the question by this time of year, I wore the shorts to Bikram. Usually after Bikram I have to put a towel on my car seat so I don’t stain it worse than it already is leave a puddle, but after a quick walk from studio to parking lot, they were dry enough to sit towel free. I’ll wear these again the next time it’s my yoga buddy Rachel’s turn to drive out of courtesy.

I haven’t had a chance to try the bikini out, I think I’ll have to save that for the pool at my gym, but I tried it on and am stoked to wear the top next year. The bottoms are a little big for me. Big as in too much fabric. I can’t tell if they are meant to be boyshort bathing suit bottoms or shorts. They kind of hover between socially acceptable to wear alone and cover that up with some real clothes. I love the little flip logo, though.

I got something else that I’m super stoked on, but I shall save it for another day- and its own post. In the meantime, check out the READ ME page for some of my more recent articles floating around the interwebs.

Here are some more cool things from I’ve fallen in love with:

Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 Running Shoes I call them Mint and Chocolate Chip :)

TRAChealth Chia Seeds Check out the nutritional profile on these bad boys

Bulu Box Membership Who doesn’t love samples?

Lululemon Speed Short I live in these. I’m wearing them right now. I’m not even kidding.

Newton RunningDistance Neutral Light Weight Trainer These are my new favorite running shoes. They don’t match with much, but I make it work.

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