Indomitable Soles Set Sights Higher Than Just Finishing the Washington Ragnar Adventure Relay

Oh, you thought you were cool cause you got a little muddy during a Warrior race?

If you really think you’re a road warrior, try devoting 2 whole days to running 190 miles, and sleeping in your van, not because they’re homeless after spending all their money on Lulu, but so they don’t miss a step of the race  Now that’s an athlete.

I’m excited to announce the ultimate race of all races, the Ragnar Relay is coming to Seattle!

In case you are unaware, Ragnar Relay is an adventure race, and the next big stop for the series is in home sweet home Washington State. The 190 mile overnight team relay race starts in Blaine, WA on Friday, July 20, and then winds along the coast, crosses  over Deception Pass and onto the coast of Whidbey Island, finally ending  in Langley on Saturday, July 21. All 5 years, the Ragnar Northwest Passage race, Good old Washington’s leg, always draws a big crowd. This year, race organizers anticipate more than 4,000 runners making up some 388 teams.

This. Is. Awesome. What’s better than gathering a van full of your crazy friends and take turns running through the entire state? When one gets tired, needs a beer, or has to check Facebook, you trade off.Teams contain the young and old, the avid athlete and beginner runner, and everything in between. For some, this is just a race, but for others the Ragnar Relay means so much more.

This year, a team from Puyallup will not only be conquering the 190-mile relay, they’ll attempt to conquer Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a degenerative disease that impacts voluntary muscles. The team has dubbed themselves “Indomitable Soles” after two brothers, Josh and Samuel France, who both have been diagnosed with the disease that strikes one in every 3,500 boys each year.

Stay strong Joshua and Samuel!

 Please visit their website to donate to the cause! Now, who has a van and wants to road trip to Blaine with me?
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3 thoughts on “Indomitable Soles Set Sights Higher Than Just Finishing the Washington Ragnar Adventure Relay

  1. Wow, Kelly, thank you so much for helping us get our message out. As the parents of these two boys we are so grateful for your support. These boys need a cure, and, if not a cure, hope for a better future. It is our hope that we can help them have both. :)
    God Bless! – Christine and Gary

  2. Meghan says:

    Great race and great cause. I ran Ragnar NWP last year and loved it. I love that all levels can compete and have fun!

  3. Julie says:

    I have done more than 5 different Ragnar races all over the country and Northwest Passage is one of my favorite. It is so scenic and beautiful! And once you tried one, you get addicted to it! :)

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