I’m Lazy and Cheap, but with Gaiam, Still Fashionable

Everyone lives in workout clothes nowadays, even if they haven’t stepped foot in a gym. Workout clothes are getting more and more fashionable so women can wear them all day long and not be accused of being homeless. Sweatpants are somehow acceptable if they are stretchy and called yoga pants, and the boyfriend’s old, tattered t-shirts have now been replaced by adorable sports bras and skin baring tanks.

Fine by me: I rarely get dressed. I wake up and immediately start working. Then, I’ll throw on some gym clothes, workout, and go back to working. You wouldn’t believe some of the ridiculous half pajama/half gym outfits I come up with- and dare to leave the house in. When you work from home- yoga pants is dressing UP for the day.

I find people cut me some slack when they find out I’m a fitness writer. You must work out CONSTANTLY, they say. Yoga pants are like your WORK UNIFORM, they joke. It’s motivational you wear workout clothes all the time, they gush. If only they knew it just happens to be the outfit I fell asleep in the night before. BUT- if the clothes are cute, bright and well put together, you’re stylish, not lazy.

Gaiam gets that. I love Gaiam. Gaiam is the O.G. of fitness. There is something sweet, ethereal and calming about Gaiam. Eco-friendly, sophisticated- I feel calmer and lighter just talking about them. That’s why I featured them in an upcoming article on FitDay.com about gym to street style. Why not save money, and be presentable at all times, by buying clothes that can fit easily into your workout wardrobe AND your regular wardrobe?

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are more motivated- it’s just a fact. Hey, if clothes motivate you to hit the gym, just because you want to show off your cute outfit, own it. Whatever motivates you, don’t apologize for it. Your body doesn’t know WHY you workout, just IF you did.

Gaiam is the work from home girl’s dream. I can pair anything of theirs with yoga pants or jeans and be ready for whatever may happen. If I get hijacked on my way to on my way home from the gym or FORCED AGAINST MY WILL to hit up Happy Hour instead of an hour of cardio- fear not! Not only am I not embarrassed to be seen in public, I’m still cuter than anyone in the joint.

Just take a look:

Gaiam’s Blousant Top is perfect for yoga or Pilates, and can easily double as a classy work or date night shirt when paired with black skinnies. My boyfriend insists it could be a full dress if you pull it down, but I’m not entirely convinced. Unless I’m going to Vegas.

You work for abs so you might as well show those suckers off. Gaiam’s Twist Front Top is perfect to throw on over a sports bra to and from the Bikram studio and after, pair it with white shorts for a great summer outfit. Or don’t. I wore this outfit all day- and didn’t even go to the gym in the first place.

Gaiam’s cozy, comfy Studio Sweatshirt is perfect for a lazy day around the house. When not wearing mine as a cover up to yoga, I wear it with comfy boxer shorts to bed. And work. And the grocery store…

Jeans? Who needs jeans? There’s no reason to schlep around in torn college tees and old basketball shorts. Ugh, bite your tongue. You workout to look good, why not look good while you workout, too?

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