Q and A: Any Light and Yummy Sammie Toppers?

Q: Hi! I am usually the one who opts for Subway sandwiches every weekend at malls when I find myself having not much appetite for other food. Can you recommend a low fat and sugar sauce that I can drizzle on my sandwiches besides my usual favorite, ketchup? -Maxis

A: Subway isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the fast/fast casual food places where I am comfortable eating and spending my money. Most of their offerings are light and relatively healthy, and you have the opportunity to stuff yourself full of veggies. But just like any other establishment, the extras are what will make or break your sammie.

There are a million low calorie dressings and sauces for sandwiches you can buy, but I’m not going to get into those because they are terrible little chemical cocktails that will actually lessen the nutrition of your sandwich. I’d choose full fat, high calorie real food over those any day.

Ketchup itself isn’t even that great of a choice- most brands contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and it carries 25 calories a tablespoon, so it can add up fast.

Subway does have a few options you can choose guilt-free. They offer mustard and spicy mustard, both fitting your criteria. They have light mayo, which is, of course, lighter in fat and calories than regular mayo and their honey mustard is also an OK choice, although pretty processed. When I eat there, I just get oil, vinegar and pepper- it adds flavor but doesn’t overpower the taste of the rest of the sandwich. Oil is high in calories, but it’s good for you so don’t be scared off.

Sorry, but I have to ask- you eat ketchup on subs? I don’t think Subway offers ketchup, so if you are comfortable toting around your own sauce, try:

Making your own Italian dressing. Subs are traditionally Italian, so make your sub a true Italian sub and add some vinegarette. Try this recipe then adapt for your own tastes.

Greek yogurt is a healthy way to replace mayo. If the tart taste puts you off, mix in some BBQ sauce, chives, hot sauce, or anything else that sounds good to you.

You can flavor your sandwich with things other than dressings. Pickles, pepperchinis, jalapenos and onions all add a lot of flavor without many extra calories or any fat.

Avocado makes a great sandwich spread as well. Subway offers avocado, but I’ve tried it and think it tastes a little weird. And why is it so green? It should be brown, if it were just avocado, sitting in a tub all day. I tweeted about it and Subway assured me it was all real, but I’m still skeptical they don’t add some preservative into it. Anyway, cut an avocado into slices, or mash it up with a little garlic and hot sauce and add it yourself. The only way to know what you are truly eating is to make it yourself.

Anyone else have any good suggestions?

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One thought on “Q and A: Any Light and Yummy Sammie Toppers?

  1. eryka says:

    Not really available at Subway, but I really like spreading a tablespoon of hummus on my sandwich–Trader Joes has such a great variety of flavors. And I also really like using pesto, albeit not low in calories, but a little bit goes a really long way, and I can get away with half a tablespoon and feel like I’m eating something made at a fancy sandwich shop. To go full flavor but cut calories, also try doing an open faced sandwich. With one piece of bread, you eliminate 100+ calories!

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