Spin, Strut, Spin, Pose: Lululemon Does it Again

If you even just say the word Lululemon around me I will sigh and stare off into the distance, clutch my credit card to my chest and swoon about hoodies and yoga pants. Lululemon is the premier women’s workout company, making workout clothes you drool over just as obsessively as your designer duds. I’m guilty, I’m obsessed and it’s for good reason. I feel confident when I wear Lulu- I throw open those gym doors like they are releasing doves and strut to the free weight room like it’s a catwalk. No one else notices I’m sure, but I feel damn good and ready to do work. I also feel like it’s a nice little balance to throw weights around while wearing girlie pastels.

But if you think Lululemon is just for those who love running and yoga, think again. Cyclists and spinning enthusiasts can now look just as fierce with Lululemon’s Presta Spin collection. Presta brings the beautiful designs and quality products you expect from your Lulu out of the studio and onto the open road.

Let’s admit it: cycling clothes aren’t the cutest. Now, you can wear your padded riding shorts and cycling jersey while you are riding, and not need to change the second you arrive to your destination out of embarrassment and fear of ridicule (too harsh? Come on, they are hideous.) Let’s see what Lululemon has come up with for you women who prefer to give ‘em hell on wheels:

Cute- and inconspicuous enough to wear off your wheels

Presta Padded Short ($88.00 USD)

  • Medium rise with a 13” inseam
  • Padded gusset (nice word for crotch) for extra comfort on your bike, without that attractive diaper look
  • Made with moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Power Luxtreme for a comfortable ride and a great looking ass
  •  Mesh panels help keep your lady bits cool, calm and collected
  • Easy access waistband pocket
  • Reflective details help with low-light visibility
  • Articulated rise is great for cycling – it’s a little higher at the back

My padded crotch. On the Internet. Sorry, dad.

My thoughts: It’s rare to find spin shorts that can double for regular workout pants. They are comfortable, super flattering for the thighs and butt and padded for comfort while you ride, but is completely unnoticeable while you walk. And purple with polka dots? Come one, how can you not love that?

Presta Jersey ($78.00 USD)

  • Stay-put hem with sticky elastic helps keep your shirt down and your bum covered

Ready for a bike ride, spin class…and my close up!

  • Mesh back for cool breathability
  • Long in the back for full coverage
  • Pleated shoulders and back for extra room and mobility
  • Stretch pockets along the back to store water, snacks, cell phone, etc.
  • Reflective details for easy visibility in the dark

My thoughts: I love the way this fits. The second I slipped it on, I had a Flanders moment. The thin fabric is clingy and looks awesome. It could easily double for a long distance running shirt, storing everything you need on your runs right in the small of your back. It’s light-weight, amazingly comfortable and just plain adorable.

Lulu- you’ve done it again. Superior workout clothing in superior styles. Now if only you’d make shoes, I’d die happy. And broke.

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