The OurSkinny Diet Review and Giveaway!

With a tagline like “The Easiest Diet Ever” it was hard to not be intrigued. I like easy when it comes to eating. And most things.

When I heard bars and shakes, I was a little skeptical, but would you expect anything less?

Diet Overview

The OurSkinny diet was developed by doctors, and consists of drinking four 100 calorie shakes in the morning, one OurSkinny bar in the

On my dash: The definition of on-the-go

afternoon and a sensible, balanced dinner of your own choosing called a Main Meal, or one of their Mini Meals you can purchase. Your Main Meal should consist of 3 servings of vegetables, one 3-4 oz portion of lean meat, and a healthy fat. It really is pretty easy.

The diet says your body will start to adjust to the diet around day 3- your hunger should fade and you’ll feel energized as your body enters fat burning stage. Then, 5 pounds before your goal weight you can start to incorporate previously excluded foods back into your diet.

The Shakes: Sweet but good.

The shakes range from 80-100 calories and contain protein, calcium and potassium.

I tried the Vanilla Pro and Chocolate Pro. The Vanilla was too sweet for my tastes, but I would use it in a smoothie. The chocolate was great, and I would definitely drink it again. I was surprised how thick they were for just adding  few ounces of water.

See more OurSkinny shake varieties here.

The Bars: To die for. Since I didn’t follow the exact diet, I enjoyed the food on my own schedule and ate the bars with my morning cup of coffee. Each and every one was delish.

The bars are high protein, low calorie (around 150-190) low carb, low fat and do not contain gluten (I didn’t say it!)

My favorite by far was the Peanut Butter and Jelly bar. It tasted exactly like the real thing, and the crispies even made it a crunchy PB and J with out adding the usual potato chips to the mix. The Cinnamon Raisin was also amazing, and tastes exactly like a cinnamon roll. If you like Luna Bars, you’ll like the OurSkinny bars.

See more OurSkinny bar varieties here.


It’s convenient. It’s a very grab and go diet. Throw everything in a drawer and grab your bars and shakes as you need them. They were perfect for my shifts at the gym- I threw a shake and a bar in my purse and was set.

It’s tasty. I’m sad I only have one bar left :(

It’s flexible. If you have to go out for breakfast or lunch, you can use that as your sensible meal and save your shakes or bar for later.

It will work if you follow it correctly. 400 calories in the form of nutritious shakes, one 150-190 calorie bar for lunch and a sensible dinner of fresh, real food will put you in the right calorie range to drop pounds.


It could get old, fast. Bars and shakes all day, everyday will have you drooling for real food by dinner time. Showing up as the girl with the bars and shakes in her purse to every Happy Hour can wear on ya. too.

This is the con for every diet and I will say it until the day I die: real food is always better nutritionally, and makes it easier to ensure you get your daily recommended amount of fruits, veggies, protein and whole grains. Fruit isn’t recommended on the diet, which would last in my household for about, oh, 3 hours, so I’d sneak in an apple or two without any negative consequences. Starchy carbs are also forbidden, which is a quick way to drop pounds, but you may find yourself sluggish.

You might be a little hungry. I would have 1 bar for breakfast and it held me over pretty good until lunch, but the shakes didn’t do it for me so much.


The Easiest Diet Ever is pretty apt. Shakes and bars make meal planning easy and the freedom to have a meal of your choice once a day will keep you from feeling so deprived and boxed in. While fresh, real food will give you a more well-rounded nutrition profile every day, for those who are looking for a fool-proof diet that takes the guess work out of dieting, OurSkinny is your kind of diet.

Enter to Win a One Month Supply of the OurSkinny Diet!

We are giving away a one month supply of the OurSkinny diet to one lucky reader! Your one month supply includes a whopping 98 OurSkinny shakes (!), four boxes of bars and two items from the list of More Mini Meals (value $280).

Here are a few different ways to enter: 

  • Leave a comment on the site telling us why you want to try the OurSkinny diet
  •  Share the giveaway on Facebook

The giveaway will end June 7,2012. You may enter as many times as you’d like until the giveaway ends. The winner will be chosen at random, so the more you enter the better your chances. The winner will be announced the morning of June 8th, and contacted via email, Facebook or Twitter depending on the entry chosen. Good luck!

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19 thoughts on “The OurSkinny Diet Review and Giveaway!

  1. Jordan D says:

    This diet sounds perfect for me. I’m always on the go and hate having to prepare salads or soggy sandwiches for lunch that sits in my car for hours. I could just grab a shake in the morning and keep a bar in my bag for later!

  2. Jordan D says:

    I like you on facebook!

  3. Beth says:

    I want to try it because those shakes sound really delicious (even if they are sweet; I think they’d be great in smoothies)!

  4. runwithperseverance says:

    I’d like to try it because those shakes sound delicious! Even if they’re too sweet, I image I’d really enjoy them in smoothies.

  5. runwithperseverance says:

    I liked you on facebook and I retweeted.

    I’m not sure if you want a separate comment for each entry, but until I hear otherwise two comments on one post is the limit of what I feel comfortable with. And that’s pushing it. :)

  6. I’ll see the tweets and FB, no need to comment for those. Thanks!

    • runwithperseverance says:

      Thanks! Also, that first comment from Beth is me if that’s not obvious. It didn’t show up or say that it was awaiting moderation when I first wrote it…so I logged in to wordpress and wrote the comment again. This is why I don’t comment on blogs. I fail. Sorry for the trouble.

  7. Renata says:

    Our skinny sounds super healthy and tasty! Would love to try this plan providing nutritiously portioned options throughout my day! Thanks!

  8. Renata says:

    I like you & Our Skinny on Twitter and tweeted your link!

  9. Renata says:

    I like you on Facebook too!

  10. Georgiana says:

    Our Skinny looks fabulous for me to try to lose 15 pounds just in time for summer swimming too! I’m almost at my goal weight & these tasty healthy options will help me get there!
    Thanks! ;-)

  11. Ray says:

    Would love to try OurSkinny diet to help me with those few holiday pounds I still have around my middle. They sound very good!

  12. Ray says:

    Shared on my Facebook wall too – thanks as I need all the help I can get!

  13. glidingcalm says:

    i would never just eat bars and shakes! i love real food! veggies, fruit, meat, cheese, salads, eggs, etc… miss it all! but once in a while, a bar and shake is quite handy!

  14. Jessica says:

    I think OurSkinny would be awesome for me since I’m a grad student and basically live out of my sherpa-worthy backpack.

  15. Theresa De Lay says:

    It’s just about summer and I’d love to try a new diet to re-start my healthy lifestyle :)

  16. Melissa @ Treats With a Twist says:

    Id love to win this! I’m the ultimate bar and shake consumer and I love anything new and interesting so this is right up my ally. I love the convenience of bars for emergency snacks on the go!

  17. Melissa @ Treats With a Twist says:

    I tweeted the giveaway (@melissakarras)

  18. Kate says:

    This sounds look a great, easy diet. I liked what you said about this making meal planning easy. That would create less stress for me at the beginning the week. That’s very appealing. All you have to plan is one meal a day, too.

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