Chia Goodness and Today’s Workout

For breakfast, in addition to my daily pot of coffee, I usually just eat some fruit and almonds but sometimes I just want something hot. This morning was one of those mornings, so I decided on oats with blueberries. I’ll only eat it with nuts to add crunch to the mushiness, but found myself fresh out. While rummaging, I came across the bags of Chia Goodness I had been ignoring.

I received a few bags of Ruth’s Chia Goodness a long time ago to try, and kind of forgot about them. I tried the chocolate and remembered not being a big fan, but used the apple almond cinnamon kind this morning on my oats. Pretty flippin good.

Full of dried fruit and chia seeds, Chia Goodness (Two tbsp, 130 calories.) is gluten-free and lactose-free, something I could not give 2 craps about and you will hear why later, bit it’s raw, a good source of protein, calcium, omega-3s and fiber, all things I do give two craps about.

I was trying to think of a fiber/crap  joke to make out of that but decided against it.

Today’s Workout

20 minutes stretching due to my searing neck pain that only seems to be getting worse.

It’s lower body day, so I’m focusing on glute, with low weight and high reps. Because it’s Daisy Duke season, ladies. The 5 pound weights are ankle weights and the 20 is my PUMP barbell.

  • Lying Leg Lifts: 5 pounds/50 reps, 5 sets each side

Hits the outer side of the glutes/saddlebags

  • Fire hydrants: 5 pounds/30 reps, 5 sets each leg

Same thing, legs bent, like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.

  • Kickbacks: 5 pounds, 25 reps, 5 sets each leg

Standing, leg straight, kick straight back, slow and controlled. Gives the booty its round, cuppable shape. Oohlala.

  • Stationary lunges: 20 pounds/10 reps, 5 sets each leg

Keep your knee directly over your toe and push evenly through your front heel and your back foot.

  • Calf raises: 20 pounds/ 50 reps, 5 sets

I change my stance every set- toes straight forward, pointing out, pointing in, etc.

  • Deadlifts: 20 pounds/15 reps, 5 sets

I’ve never been able to explain how to do deadlifts. YouTube video here.

All while watching the second part of the Bad Girls Club reunion. Gets my adrenaline pumping, ya dig?

Later today, a nice walk on Alki Beach with the bestie.

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